About Me  
I have spent 36 years working in a variety of capacities to
promote, educate and advocate for young children and their
families. My work experience has included the many service
delivery and funding systems that provide care and education to
children and families. In addition to the types of programs, I have
enjoyed a geographical perspective of early care and education
throughout the United States including Hawaii and America
Samoa. Experience as well as education has taught me working
with young children and their families is important because we
can make a difference in their lives… at a time when we can
make a difference. Early childhood education can be the easiest
job to do wrong and the hardest job to do right. For that reason, it
is important for me over these years to promote curriculum
models that support developing a knowledgeable skilled
workforce that can make a difference. Currently I am working at
the Associated Students Child Development Lab at California
State University, Chico (CSUC) and adjunct faculty for the Child
Development Program at CSUC.







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